The #1 child care management software for parent communication & school operations.

A childcare software & app designed to provide digital administration for preschools & daycare. So teachers can spend more time with children and less on paperwork.


Made everything as easy as ABC for Everyone.

Parent Communication

Still, stuck in old school dairy communication? Delight parents by sharing videos, updates, photos, and more.

Fast Attendance

Say no to fat attendance registers. Check-in and check out children with the tap of a button.

Daily Analytics

Know inside-out of all the kids. Get detailed insights on each and every activity of your kids, even NAPS and POOP!!

Classroom Management

Know the forward and then backward. Stay in the loop with what's happening in all your classrooms.

Admin Task

No more juggling with the mundane. Manage kindergarten operations like registration of a child, issuing identification number, fee payment.

Development Reports

Track every child's development. Unveil their strength and weaknesses. And share notes across all teaching domains.

Live Bus Tracking

Know where your kids are with your eyes shut. One-click to know the whereabouts of your kid.

Grade Cards

Still busy crunching numbers? Now you can create report cards online without any hassle.

We have it All


Simplify Admission Process

The admission process in schools is more often complicated and long. Each application consists of many pieces of information about the candidate including their date of birth, marks, specialization, and more. To determine the candidate's eligibility, you need to check all these records. If the task is done manually, the process becomes extremely time-consuming. However, with the help of ERP software for educational institution, this procedure to enroll best-fit students gets simple.

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Centralized Data Management

Educational institutions need to store tremendous amounts of information about students, books, exam schedules, lesson plans, and other data. An ERP solution integrates the whole campus and all the branches in a common system to make the process of data management easy. The software enables the sharing of stored data across all departments to keep teachers, staff, and students updated on important announcements. This way you would have better control of internal and external communication in your institution and never experience a communication breakdown.


The All-in-one Childcare Platform specially designed to complement BOTH- your preschool and kids.

Our platform will not only help the parents and the teachers to ease up things but will also be useful in your kid's success. Our GRANULAR-level analytics can help you to identify the strong points and the if's and but's of your kid. Unlike others, we don't just focus to give "some" data. We give INSIGHTS. We give POWER directly in your palm so that your kids can perform better.

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Tailor-made for Preschools.

We know preschools have distinct needs than a big K12 school, and therefore a generic software does not fit well. RaxoCampus has built a tailor-made platform for preschools. It is designed and engineered specifically considering preschools' requirements. The platform understands preschools and implements all the required technology to make preschools more efficient and successful.

We are the best because we LOVE it.

We are one of the most reliable educational technology companies to strive with and remain dedicated to providing Institutions with one of the most immeasurable school management software on the market.

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