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RexoCampus is the favored decision for higher education owing to its versatility in adapting to the Institution's educational and administrative processes, low infrastructure requirement, and quick onboarding.

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Simplify Admission Process

The admission process in schools is more often complicated and long. Each application consists of many pieces of information about the candidate including their date of birth, marks, specialization, and more. To determine the candidate's eligibility, you need to check all these records. If the task is done manually, the process becomes extremely time-consuming. However, with the help of ERP software, this procedure to enroll best-fit students gets simple.

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Centralized Data Management

Educational institutions need to store tremendous amounts of information about students, books, exam schedules, lesson plans, and other data. An ERP solution integrates the whole campus and all the branches in a common system to make the process of data management easy. The software enables the sharing of stored data across all departments to keep teachers, staff, and students updated on important announcements. This way you would have better control of internal and external communication in your institution and never experience a communication breakdown.

It's online. It's offline. It's right as rain.

The brand-new generation of students depends on technology to drive their information and learning. By enabling them to endure a seamless passage between the digital and physical world, RexoCampus management solution for higher ed advances their learning outcomes.

Skyrocket institution's growth

A convenient online admission process draws students and boosts your Institution's growth

No more MANUAL

An online enrollment process excludes the inconvenience and discrepancies of manual systems

Blend Online

Mingle the campus and online experiences to extend more value and student engagement

Mobile App

Administrative and academic governance can promptly be controlled and maintained from a mobile app.


No More Data Silos - no ifs and buts...

Tonnes of education organizations today use fragmented College management systems and software platforms to handle their administrative and learning activities. We here at RexoCampus provide a solution that unifies them all in one simple and appealing platform.

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There's EdTech for Higher Education. And then there's REXO

RexoCampus is as easy as 1-2-3, your education institution cannot live without it. Its highly configurable essence concedes it to accommodate Institutions and educational boards over the world. A cloud-based delivery model, RexoCampus is mounted on open source technologies and endeavors world-class support. It also grants the highest level of security in compliance with all international norms.


Built to the demands of Higher Education Institutions.

From admissions to administration and everything in between, discover how you could innovate your institution's student & learning activities in seconds.

Paperless Admission

Streamline your admission processes and provide a seamless experience.

Online Application Forms

Track and review where a student is in the application process and manage their journey with ease.

Online Fee Payment

Our secure transaction platform enables students and parents to pay fees online, at their convenience.

Form Mapping to SIS

Institutions don't have to bother to collect and format student Data.


Shift to Distance Learning - "The coronavirus outbreak"

This has made us realize how crucial it is for educational institutions to offer distance learning for students. With features like Learning Management System, Student Management System, and more, we at RexoCampus, offer a one-stop-shop education management solution for institutions to assist them to move their entire operations and classes online.

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Lessons on the go

RexoCampus's Learning Management System allows you to track, monitor, and measure course delivery, teacher, and student progress to meet all compliance required for accreditation.

  • Manage lecture plans
  • Conduct virtual classrooms
  • Student interaction

Data-driven insights drive performance.

RexoCampus provides you a single platform that lets you analyze data and enable Institutions to make continuous improvement throughout the semester. Tired of creating cumbersome reports for accreditations?

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