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Our Values

The brand RexoCampus is about uniting seasoned professionals for technology innovation. We have more than 300 tech enthusiasts working under one metaphorical roof of our offices worldwide.

We treat colleagues, customers, and everyone around us with the utmost respect and professionalism that doesn't interfere with always a friendly attitude.

The culture of our company formed the values that are valid not just during the work hours, but also outside of our office.

We are proud that the internal policy of our company induces the desire to self-improve and evolve in our employees.

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We believe that our members of staff can retain great relations outside the office too. That is why we encourage them to participate in various activities in their spare time. And what is better in bonding people than traveling, sports, and attending various cultural events? We do not stick to the "your work is your second family" motto, but we share the idea that our offices may be a place of warmth and caring as well.

Besides, we regularly organize internal business trips to support the principles of multiculturalism within the company. As long as our international employees work together, they need to meet in person to discover each other's mentalities which have a great effect on the job they do together.