Advantages to Institutions

Now easily manage your institution remotely. Send emergency notices, track teacher leaves, Students progress & much more. Track payments, track school buses in one stroke.


Boost Productivity

The school management information system heightens the productivity of the institute. How? By decreasing the time to maintain the track records and accuracy in classifying the data. Less time channels the institute to focus on productivity.


Saves Natural Resources

ERP student information system will start performing the routine administrative tasks digitally. So the stationary right from the paper files to records is saved It leads to saving the natural resources and keeps a digital track of the data.


Revenue Creation

ERP Software directly impacts headcounts for academic processes in institutes. In fact, it results in a decrease in the workforce approximately by 40%. This reduction in manpower creates great revenue that can eventually be used to create better quality education for students.


Everything in a glance

RexoCampus can generate reports and insights in bulk for administrative tasks such as admission, fee payment, students and employees, outstanding payments, demographic details, etc in seconds.


Prompt decision making

It won't be shocking to know that Rexocampus ERP can aid your institute's administration in decision making. If you can access all the information within seconds imagine, how it will help to do analysis and in taking a prompt decision. Quicker decision making increases the productivity of your institute and helps you to stand confidently among your peers.


A real-time data record

In Rexocampus ERP software, you can give access to as many people as you want (department wise). Admission, examination, HR, hostel, inventory, etc. All these departments can have access to the software to fill the real-time data.


Increase In Student Enrollment Ratio

Rexocampus shakes off all the burden of your mundane task so that you can effortlessly pay attention to student enrollment ratio. Features of the school management system such as analytics dashboard & reports generation let the organization concentrate on increasing the students' enrollment.


Handle multiple branches and departments

Rexocampus's multi-level ERP solutions make it easy to handle various branches located at distinct locations. The principal can track and analyze department and class-wise activities ranging from student and staff attendance, student progress, school fee collection, library situation, and much more from the single mobile application.


Role-based access

With multilevel data access hierarchy, organizations' data remains secure. With flexible access to organizations, data to different roles according to their responsibilities chairperson can limit further consequences. The roles could be as Principal, cashier, clerk, owner, etc. and they will get access to features of data accordingly.