“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.”

-Warlick David

What if I ask you to ride an “Austin Mini” car! Can you?

You definitely cannot ride old outdated cars in this modern world. Technology has advanced. People have adopted new cars. Because new technologically advanced cars are much more feasible, reliable, and dependable.

So is the case with the education system. So why are we still using the old traditional education system?
Why are we not shifting the way we teach?
Why are we not adopting?

The modern-day education system is not about teaching. It is definitely more than that. It is about building an impact on every student’s life rather than bestowing knowledge. Education is not limited to curriculum completion, it also includes the holistic advancement of a student.

10 problems and 1 full-proof solution

Solution is…Student Management Software.

“Over the past few years, the ed-tech industry has grown rapidly – Last year $8.15 billion was invested into ed-tech companies globally and that record is set to be broken in 2018”

Navigating this complex world of educational technology can make your head spin. It can really get confusing, trust me! There are tonnes of Educational ERP available. Some of them have overlapping functionality, some claim to be “All-In-One” solutions, and others are solving problems you never even knew you had.

As a consequence, trying to understand and figure out how all the systems are aligned to work together with your institutes’ main goal can be REAL PICKLE.

So what exactly is Student management Software and how does it drape with all the other technology you use to run your school?

Perhaps, What is a student Management System?

A Student Information System (SIS), also referred to as a Student Management System (SMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS), or Student Record System (SRS), is a software solution devised to encourage schools to track and handle all their student data – everything from grades, attendance, behavioral information and more. It will connect and intertwine all the institute’s stakeholders together like- Students, Teachers, Parents, and Administrators.

The software includes Vivid features right from Enquiry Management, Admissions, Academics, Org Structure, Exams, Fee and Payment, Hostel, Transport, General Administration, Transport, Finance, HR, Inventory, Maintaining the attendance and sending out progress letters to the parents.

In a nutshell, you can say that the school management system lets the organization complete the various tasks without consuming too much time & effort.

Benefits of the Student management system

1.Increased Productivity

The school management information system reinforces the productivity of the institute. The reason for the increase in productivity is reduced time to maintain the track records and increased accuracy in organizing the data. Short time leads to keeping the institute focused on the productivity of the institute.

2. Efficient Student-Teacher communication

Implementation of an Educational ERP establishes student-teacher communication beyond the classroom. This increases the interaction and strengthens the relationship between the teachers and the students. The interaction happens over the application (online) where the teacher is available to answer queries of the students. It also facilitates a friendly atmosphere in academics.

3. Easily Accessible

An Educational ERP or a Student Management System is a cloud-based application that can be accessed by any gadgets ( Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop) from anywhere and anytime making it an easy-to-use application and provides relevant information at your fingertips.

4. Increased Admissions Rate

Due to the COVID impact and hectic schedule of the organizations with decreased interactions among the admissions team and applicants, it becomes troublesome to check in with the enrollment Status of the students. It is thus required to implement Automate Admissions Management software so as to reduce the burden from various activities. Features of the Education Management System such as analytics dashboard & reports generation let the organization focus on increasing the students’ enrollment.

5. Reduced Expenses and Increased ROI

All the essential data and information is now available on the software and hence there is a reduction in the cost of communication, Printing and other expenses which includes calling and sending out messages to let the parents and student know about the various activities within the institution. This will not only reduce cost in terms of investments but also will add to the increasing revenues of the Institution.

6. Workload Shredding

Excessive workload is the most critical factor leading to a reduced productivity. . Increased workload not only compromises the quality of the work but also increases the time taken to complete the tasks leading to increased per man per day expenses and also impacted brand value of the institute. With the implementation of the Educational ERP, the workload upon the staff members is reduced as the teachers, Administrators are technology driven. Working on an educational ERP will not only make their lives easier but also will save time in Data collection, prioritising data, generation of reports, effective communications making them more efficient and productive.

Wrapping up

As an Educational Consultant my advice to you would be that, as an educator, or faculty, you must try to utilize the Student Management software to its fullest to obtain best ROI and student learning outcomes!

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