There was a time when gigantic encyclopedias were widely used by people, especially students and teachers as one of the major sources of information.

(FYI- For people who really don’t know what an encyclopedia is-
Encyclopedias come in many shapes and sizes: some are little more than elaborate dictionaries, full of long words and short definitions.)

The encyclopedia was considered as a holy grail for all kinds of information.

You still can find encyclopedias at most public schools and local libraries. I will be honest here. The advent of technology has made the usage of encyclopedias obsolete.
Now if you want to gather information for a school project or want to write a thesis you won’t knock on the door of encyclopedias because there are better, easier, and convenient options available.

I know you are dying to say it- you will google it, instead!

It makes it better.
It makes it easier.
It makes it feasible.

The old tactics have to be replaced with new ones. And education is not an exception.

From OLD to NEW…

We understand that adopting new technology is not easy.
The intervention of technology into the education industry is the most unexpected and equally important aspect for both parties ie. institutes and students. Because of the old tactics that have been followed by all the educational institutions, it’s difficult for them to use software, gadgets, and get things automated all of a sudden.

But adapting to change is the key to success and that is how some solutions for such collaboration came into existence.

Educational Management System can take all your pains away

Imagine you wake up and see all your institution’s mundane tasks are already completed overnight. That feeling is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. That’s what a fully functioning Educational Management System will do to your institution.

Do you want that?

An educational management system is a very powerful solution for all academic and non-academic institutions. It has been implemented and used effectively by many institutions all over the world.

The Impact of an Educational management system will be ever-lasting.

The impact of educational management systems on academic performances is commendable. An educational management system is a software package that is implemented at large by many institutes in order to integrate all functional units and departments into a single and unified information system that satisfies the needs of the whole organization.
It permits several parts of the organization to communicate with one another by integrating them up to the same database in order to share the same information. Many educational institutions use these systems to provide seamless integration across several functional silos to enhance their academic performance.
However, the higher education sector starts with this implementation in order to move from the legacy administrative system to the new integrated ERP solution. This new situation has created many opportunities and challenges for both parties, the ERP vendors and the higher education sector.

Now is the time to Ad-O-P-T

This is the right time to O-P-T for Adapting the right system for your institution. The education sector has adopted ERP systems to restructure the way they operate and to integrate the key operational functions. This collaboration of the education sector with technology will enhance the managerial resource and information flow among each key unit in the organization.

Different Institutes Different Processes

That is why we believe in customization
I understand all the operations of higher education institutes are unique in nature, which contains multiple scopes, and tracks several activities related to students’ administrative, human resource, and financial management.

Perks, eh? Many of the higher education institutes that adopted ERP systems to streamline these activities achieve optimum efficiency, and essentially improve their overall business performance. In order to respond to the demand of ERP system adoption by higher education institutes, ERP vendors adjust their ERP system to serve the higher education sector, which is a relatively new approach to most of the ERP system providers.

The Rexo A-D-D vantage

We believe in adding the touch of bespoke to the educational system. Our new modified ERP software now can easily collaborate with your institute’s unique requirements and will encourage many Universities to adopt the right
ERP solution
that replaces the whole legacy administrative systems.
Many pieces of research in literature have indicated the significant impact of ERP systems on the performance of educational institutions.

Wrapping up

A good Educational software system is a very useful tool that mediates, interacts, and communicates with students, academic staff, and administration to work together to process huge amounts of information among all of them on a daily basis.

ERP system implementation in education enhances information access, workflow effectiveness, and increases control over many functions.
A university’s ERP system usually contains a large and sophisticated database that stores all information about students, academic and non-academic staff, financial transactions, documents, equipment, buildings, transportation, etc…

Looking for more efficiency in your institute?