When we talk to educational institutions about updating classroom or administrative technology and migrating to a digital platform the usual response is “Nah, our institute is in a tight budget” Sorry to break your bubble here- but a good educational management system does not kill money but instead saves your institute’s money! Ironic, right?

The truth is, technology is the very thing that can lower your costs, boost productivity, and lessen hours wasted on administrative tasks. Imagine what would happen when teachers and administrators spend less time dealing with old computers,
finicky printers, and slow networks…. Yes, they become more productive! Leveraging technology also enables and enpowers teachers to present more creative learning opportunities for their students. Everyone wins.

Many institutes already know how crucial is the technology for their institute but feel overwhelmed about where to start. In an institute, it is simple to handle daily activities, and a lot of time, effort, and cost get spent on mundane activities.
However, now a day’s many schools and educational organizations are turning to school ERP that can help them not only to save their time but also improves the day-to-day life functioning of the school activities. Some of the ways listed below of how the school ERP useful in helping to save the valuable resources time and improve efficiency:

1. It offers a paperless solution

Boarding schools, general schools, and preschools are the educational institutes of various types of information ranging from the data such as financial data, admissions, and records of inquiries, Staff data. And other sensitive information. Also, Schools also need to maintain other documents such as exam papers, Student results and records present in the library, fees receipts, and the list can be endless. These documents-related management takes a lot of time, effort as they have to be organized. Everything related to this storage is costly. However, the use of school ERP allows you to keep these documents saved in a digital format and saved securely on a cloud system. Thus, as the purpose of time, efforts & saving the documents and making it faster and easier for schools.

2. Track Student’s Performance in Real-Time

In each school, it is crucial to trace the performance of the students to ensure that the graph of performance is always in the upward direction, and similarly, it is crucial to analyze the performance of the teachers. Monitoring on a regular basis is a challenge in schools as it requires schools to put in additional hours and extra efforts. A School ERP offers various analytical tools such as graphical representation that helps the teachers to analyze the performance of students through bar graphs. These significant tools allow the school to keep track of the students’ performance in real-time. This helps your organization to cut down the extra human resource cost.

3. Reduce Cost Spent Over Parent-Teacher Communication

In today’s life, parents likes to take an active interest in their child’s activities – from starting to end to being updated on all types of activities. In addition, the teachers need to update the parents of various activities such as homework assignments, attendance reports, and other daily notes. However, to maintain all these tasks are non-productive and time-consuming. School Management Software sends automatic notes, updates, and reminders to the parents as to when needed. For example, if a student is absent then a note is immediately sent to the parents updating them on the same.

4. School ERP Streamlines Daily Operations

In any classroom of the world, there are a few daily duties which every class teacher has to perform. It includes attendance management, records management, library and books management, etc. It will help to save the time of teachers as well as streamlines daily tasks and activities helping the school to function in a more efficient way.

5. It Offers Resource Utilization

School ERP will help the school to be able to utilize its resources in the best manner. It can help in creating timetable; it ensures that all the school resources like the computer laboratory, science labs. The school software also helps in the maintenance of various school resources like buses, computers, swimming pool and other equipment to save money through regular servicing and maintenance.

6. School ERP Reduces the cost

The admission season for any school is a crucial time where a lot of money and time have to spend by teachers. There is a lot of information that needs to be shared; and resources that must be involved to ensure that the entire admission and enrollment process should complete without any obstacle. It is a time consuming and expensive affair, in school ERP – The admission module helps to perform all these tasks efficiently and this all-in-one software will help you in many ways at the same time. It is customizable and it can meet most individual school’s needs. Based on the requirements of the organization, it can be configured in a way that saves time and money for your organization. So, yes! A good and robust campus management system can save you lots and lots of time and money.